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Activa tu GPS del Amor

$600.00 $450.00

Includes 3 sessions

Session 1: Introduction, identification and creation of vision

Session 2: GPS activation with real data (Customized)

Session 3: Accompaniment, follow-ups and reinforcements (Coaching sessions)



Do you want to find the Couple of your Life?


The Online Coaching Program: Activate the GPS of Love  is a model to help you find the partner of your life. Use an online platform through 7 key factors: Chemistry, affinities, values, shared vision, differences, conflicts and evaluation. I invite you to undertake the most important adventure of your life: to know yourself and to love yourself so that you can attract and recognize the companion of your Life. 

The online coaching program consists of 3 sessions of 60 minutes each.

First session

You will review who you are or how you have been in the relationships you have had. You will know in detail the model and you will use the platform: The Couple of your Life to obtain a preliminary diagnosis with suggestions, actions, graphics, detailed results and a personalized diagnosis of 50 pages to get to know you and identify your most desires for you to fall in love with you and thus be able to attract the couple of your life.

Second Session

You will initiate an Action Plan to improve aspects that you consider vital in this moment of your life to establish a new relationship full, fun and with much joy . In this session the methodology helps you to clearly and accurately elaborate the Profile of the Couple of your Life . Then you will design in a clear and precise way the vital strategies for the encounter of that special being that will be your life partner.

Third session

Activate the GPS of Love with follow-up and reinforcement sessions through personalized coaching via internet and in WhatsApp to support you in your processes and validate if the person meets the requirements you want. I will also help you with 5 keys to ensure the success you deserve. You will learn to flow in the present moment with the magic and attraction that will manifest in your day to day.


I am convinced that the Online Coaching Program: THE GPS of LOVE is a simple, practical and immediately applicable tool to achieve your most authentic wishes and desires to find that SOMEONE so special that you deserve.


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