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Audiolibro Yo soy Éxito


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After a period of deep reflections, I decided to address as a central theme of the book «I am Success», the need for man to stop in his life and consider reuniting with himself.

Reality presents us with a human being affected in its physical, mental and spiritual planes, tormented by conflicts, with ever more profound differences, an overwhelming technological development and an informative volume at toxic levels.

This penetrates and influences the most delicate of being: its inner nature, which seems to yield to these factors, it is also true that it has a wealth of unimaginable strengths and intuits the need to preserve and survive chaos in order to transcend.

This analysis leads me to dedicate my knowledge, experiences and time to reencounter with the being that we all have inside, to reconnect through self-knowledge, inner peace and balance, and establish an effective internal communication to understand and accept ourselves intimately, before to expose ourselves to the outside world.

From there, actions are derived to face conflicts, to decide better, to interact in a healthy synergy, to optimize the use of resources, until discovering in us the leader of our destiny.

In my digital edition book «I am Success», I invite you to leave everything that reduces your quality of life, to act instead of reacting; to assume the reunion of your being as the possibility of connecting with who you really are, so that you can live fully, satisfactorily, full of achievements and success. That is the message contained in my book. The invitation is open to you to tell me I am successful.


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